What our Raving Fans have to say:

  • "I've been taking my dog to Hounds Abound for over two years and when I got my second dog, it was a given that she would go too. Mary Kate and the staff are amazing. What started out as a one day a week quickly turned into two and now all week. One of my dogs is a herding breed and gets bored without a lot of exercise and socialization. He definitely gets both. It's obvious to me that Mary Kate and her staff not only love dogs but are knowledgeable, good with them, and more importantly, good to them. Nice work ladies- we couldn't be happier!"   - Hank & Vesper's Mom

  • "Clover has totally come out of her shell since she has started to go to Hounds Abound. She has gone from a skittish, shy dog, to one that socializes and plays well with her new dogs friends. Since we live in a condo, her time playing at Hounds Abound has become vital to her happiness and my sanity. The shuttle services have also been a great help on busy days when I have to work late. The dogs and people at Hounds Abound have been terrific. Clover and I both feel lucky to have found them!"  - Clover's Mom

  • "Hounds Abound is such an important part of our dog's well being. We couldn't be more grateful for the daycare services they provide. We have a very social and high energy dog that thrives in their environment. They're different than many other places because they play such an active role with the dogs- there are always people working directly with them, or just hanging out enjoying their company. Our dog, Minnie, comes home tired and happy at the end of the day. We are thrilled that her needs are being met and that she's with people during the day that understand her. Hounds Abound is a happy place with a caring attentive staff. We love them!"             - Minnie's Mom & Dad

Raving Fans!

Our goal at Hounds Abound, from the pups to their parents, is to create Raving Fans of our work.  Here is some of what our clients have to say about us.  We appreciate and welcome the opportunity to turn you and your furry kid into a Raving Fan too!  Just click the button below to get started.