Explore Our Space

"At Home" Atmosphere


Step inside our space to be greeted by our courteous and warm staff in a homey & quaint atmosphere.  Our welcome area is designed to set your dog at ease and prepare them for hours of fun & play.

Rubber Matting


Everywhere your pooch steps indoors in covered in Rubber Matting, as seen here in our indoor "Small Dog Play Area".  The mats are soft on the paws and easy to clean and sterilize - something we do everyday!

Outdoor Play Area


The Outside Play Yard allows for running, wrestling, playing ball, kiddie pools, water fun & lounging in the sun (when we actually have some).  Our staff loves playing fetch just as much as the dogs do!

Small Pup Consideration


We recognize that not all dogs are built the same, so we've carved out areas both indoors and outside for puppies and small breeds who may need to "paws" from playing with the bigger pups.

Comprehensive Fencing System


Indoors and Out, we have a comprehensive fencing system that keeps even the wiliest of escape artists safe. Outside there is a decorative fence that is backed up by a cyclone fence giving not only a safety barrier, but an acoustic one that keeps the barking and noise level down.

Canine Cuisine


Your dog is special and has it's own unique diet.  We prepare your pups meal according to your specifications in our "Canine Kitchen" and serve each dog individually.  This ensures that every dog receives their own meal, their own portion, and doesn't get into something they can't have.