Things You Need Before Enrollment

Current Vaccination Records


For the safety of all dogs in our care, you'll need to provide to us a current vaccination record for your furry kid.  This must include proof of vaccination against Rabies, DHLP-Parvo, and especially Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough).  You will also need to provide proof of a negative fecal exam administered by your Vet within the last 6 months.  All records must be current and up to date. We cannot take any puppies until their second round of shots has been administered.

Is your Dog Spayed/Neutered?


Hounds Abound cannot take any dog that has not been clipped, so please be sure to have that done prior to enrolling.  The only exception to this rule is for puppies below the age of 6 months.  The minimum age we accept for puppies is 4 months, so if you enroll a new puppy with us, please be sure to make necessary arrangements with your Vet for the procedure to ensure continuity of care with Hounds Abound beyond beyond their 6 month milestone.

Daycare Agreement Form


Before you come in, please be sure to print and fill out our Daycare Agreement Form.  This provides us with the info we need on you and also gives you the opportunity to share with us information about your pet like personality traits, medical or dietary needs, favorite toys or activities and anything to watch out for.  

Just scroll down to download the Daycare Agreement form at the bottom of this page.

Important Things to Bring With You

Quick Release Collar


For the safety of all in our care, "Quick Release Collars" are required for all dogs who come to daycare.  These are the kind that come with the "life vest" clasps and can be purchased at your favorite local canine accessory store.

Lunch for your Pup


Your dog has a unique diet, so we only feed them what you bring for them to eat.  We feed each dog individually to ensure that each are fed properly, don't over eat, and can't accidentally eat something they shouldn't.  So if you'd like your pup to dine with us, please be sure to bring it with you.

Payment for your Trial Day


Every dog comes in for a Trial Day which must be paid in advance.  Your dog will be assessed for its ability to get along with everyone else.  Our staff will report back at the end of your pet's first day and, if all goes well, will discuss when we can get your dog on the schedule.   

Do's and Don'ts

Please DO NOT Bring Your Pet's Favorite Toys


We've got plenty to go around, so please leave their favorite one at home.  Plus, there's no way we could promise they'd come back in original condition - our toys are continually well-played with.  

Please DO Call Before Coming on Snow Days


If we're having some really funky weather, we'll post updates on special hours or cancellations on our voicemail.  So please call us before coming in on Snow Days.

- PLEASE DO NOT FORGET - Cancellations Must be Given with 24 Hours Notice!


We can only admit so many dogs per day, so to avoid having to pay for your scheduled day, please be sure to contact us with at least 24 hours notice to alert us to any changes in your pet's schedule.

Daycare Agreement Form

If you haven't spoken with a member of our staff, please call us today 

to schedule your Trial Day - a necessary step to the admissions process.

(206) 297-7387

HoundsAboundDaycareTermsAndAgreement (pdf)